The ‘Il Sole In Cantina Music Award’ is the result of an exchange of ideas between the Stichting Jazz in Groningen and the organization of Atelier Il Sole in Cantina. The two platforms are located in Groningen, sharing a great passion for jazz and crossover music.

The Award offers young musicians a stage to show their creative skills to a broader audience with the challenge of winning a complete professional CD production recorded at Cantina Records.

For the winning act, the CD (no demo) is their premier professional achievement as a band that will lead them to the next level in their musical career.

The focus of the Award is exploring the boundaries of modern music, performed by young musicians (average age band members must be around 25 years).

We hope and we expect that participants will surprise the jury with modern compositions from all possible music genres, however, participants are obligated to add elements of jazz and improvisation. Additional sounds, soundscapes, electronics are most welcome!

Participation in the Award will be the result of your registration, submitting demos, pre-selections, live concerts given by ten semi-finalists at three jazz venues in Groningen.

At last, the finals will take place with five selected bands at the Der Aa-Theater in Groningen. The finalists will be judged by a panel that exists of some prestigious Dutch musicians.

The initiative for the award was taken by:

STICHTING JAZZ IN GRONINGEN: co-initiator of the award, has been programming jazz concerts in Groningen for 40 years at several venues through the years, but currently active at Platformtheater and Jazz Café Alto.

ATELIER IL SOLE IN CANTINA: offers a stage for modern, composed and improvised music.
It is known for its small and original ambiance situated in the centre of Groningen.

At this location you also find Cantina Records,

CANTINA RECORDS : is a recording studio and record label and well known in the music scene.